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I just got back from Chicago! I got 4 hours of sleep last nightt...1!!! gjhuhhhhhh.....
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Happy in the club with a bottle of red wine,
stars in her eyes 'cause she's having a good time
Eh, eh
So happy I could die

This song has been in my head all day.


I have a new compy now!! It is very beautiful and fast, I love it.
I am SOOOO excited for the angelic pretty opening, I could cry. I am SO EXCITED!
I have like, $220 saved up. My friends and I are going to go to the opening to celebrate my birthday and I really want to meet more lolitas. I met a few girls at the red sky at night tea party, but I never really talked to them (owo")
I already have my outfit planned out, lol.

I gained 7-ish lbs. within the last two weeks so I decided it would be a good idea to do 100+ sit ups last night before bed. I then decided to go on a "diet" from then to about 4pm today. At 4, I said screw it, and had an ice cream sundae and a bunch of halloween candy. Not a very good start, eh? I'm eating pretzels right now. Literally. So I think I have a problem. I'm not overweight or unhealthy or anything, but this extra 7 lbs is not helping, right? And if I want to pursue my modeling career, this will not help. And so I eat pretzels. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?!

If anyone has some diet tips, please share.

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And the guy I used to like is the Lead Boy!


See ya later!!
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I have been reading all of these things about lolitas being so unaccepting and cruel to 'itas' and 'weeaboos' and people who want to mix loli with other things and people tell them that it doesn't work. I have a couple of points to add:

1. People can do whatever they want with fashion but if it isn't in the strict guidlines of lolita, they don't need to call it lolita. They can make it whatever they want.

2. Also, I feel like the lolita community is a lot more accepting on a lot of things that the average person (I've noticed {don't get me wrong, not everyone is like this}) is. For example: Crossdressing, transgenderism, and simple things like people being heavier. There is one girl at my school who is my weight but 7 inches shorter (I'm really fricking tall) and she's pretty nice, but early on people kind of abandoned her so she developed thick skin and when people criticize her (no matter how constructive) she pays no attention. People make fun of her just because she is heavier than the average girl at our school. There are plenty of overweight women who are into lolita and people don't give a care what they weigh! The average middleschool mind could learn a helluva lot from the lolita community. Maybe it's because people aren't very accepting of lolita, so lolitas have more open minds? I don't know. That's my idea.

3. And related to my previous point, maybe since lolitas are so accepting in general, people are freaking out when people start being more harsh about what is "loli" and what isn't.

This is what I think. Maybe people will see this, maybe they won't, but this is what I see.
If you read this, you're crazy. (JK I don't know what that was. : / )

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